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ADS8365M Evaluation Module



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the ADS8365, 250 kHz, 16 bit, 6 channel, simultaneous-sampling, analog-to-digital converter
  • Analog inputs can be configured as single-ended or differential
  • Modular design allows direct connection to various DSP platforms through the 5-6K and HPA-MCU interface boards
  • The ADS8365M-EVM can use its internal reference by using jumper W3 on the board
  • Onboard input and output digital buffer connectors are available on the EVM

Texas Instruments  ADS8365M-EVM

The ADS8365M-EVM is designed for the prototyping and evaluation of the ADS8365 analog-to-digital converter (ADC). This high-resolution, 16 bit, parallel analog-to-digital, 250 kHz, SAR device, can be configured as a single or fully differential, pseudo-bipolar input. The EVM uses a INA159 amplifier (selected for its low noise), configured to allow the ADS8365 to operate at optimized performance to meet data sheet specifications.