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ADS8484 Evaluation Module



  • The ADS8484EVM serves the function of being a reference design, a prototyping board, and a software test platform
  • Onboard signal conditioning using three THS4031 operational amplifiers
  • The user can use the on-chip 4.096 V reference, a reference from onboard device U1, or user-supplied reference on Pin 20 of P1
  • Input and out digital buffer pins can be plugged into various motherboard interfaces

Texas Instruments  ADS8484EVM

The ADS8484EVM is a full-featured Evaluation Module (EVM) for the operation of the ADS8484 analog to digital converter. The EVM has on board signal conditioning circuits consisting of three THS4031 operational amplifiers. With these amplifiers the incoming signal can be range scaled, filtered, and level shifted. Not including the reference inherent to the ADS8484, two references are available; one produced by on board reference U1 and second by connecting a voltage to terminal 20 of P1. The ADS8484EVM can be plugged into various motherboards from Texas Instruments.