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ADS8688 Performance Demonstration Kit



  • Includes support circuitry as a design example to match ADC performance.
  • Serial interface header for easy connection to SDCC Controller Card.
  • Integrated 4.096V voltage reference.
  • Bipolar (±10.24 V, ±5,12 V, ±2.56 V ) or unipolar (0 to 10.24V, 0 to 5.12V) input ranges for each channel.
  • Onboard 2nd Order Butterworth Low Pass filters for 4 channels.

Texas Instruments  ADS8688EVM-PDK

The ADS8688EVM-PDK is a platform for evaluation of the ADS8688 Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). The ADS8688 is an 8-channel integrated data acquisition system based on a 16-Bit SAR ADC.