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AFE4300 Weigh Scale/Body Composition Analog Front End Performance Demonstration Kit



  • Support for up to four load cell inputs
  • Support for three tetra-polar impedance measurements
  • On-board load cell simulation block
  • Acquire data at up to 860 samples/second in data capture mode
  • USB based power and PC application connectivity

Texas Instruments  AFE4300EVM-PDK

AFE4300EVM-PDK is a platform for evaluating the AFE4300 device. AFE4300 is a low cost Analog-Front-End incorporating two separate signal chains, one targeting weight measurement and the other targeting body composition analysis. The EVM provides access for load cell terminals to support up to four load cell inputs for weigh scale measurements, BCM terminals to support up to three tetra-polar complex impedance measurements. Users can also feed any type of single ended or differential signals directly to the AFE4300 through the auxiliary (AUX1 and AUX2) inputs. External support circuits such as anti-aliasing network for load cell terminals, trim-pot for setting the gain of the Instrumentation Amplifier at the Weigh Scale Front-end, Instrumentation amplifiers for the BCM differential terminals, load cell simulation block, impedance simulation block, clocks and external references are provided for testing purposes.

The evaluation module comes with a LabVIEW-based graphical user interface that allows the user to easily configure the device to capture data and perform analysis on the data. Note that the AFE4300EVM-PDK is intended for prototyping and evaluation purposes only and is not intended to be used with real subjects or patients.