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AFE5801EVM Evaluation Module



  • Characterizes the AFE5805
  • Supports CW functionalities test
  • Provides 8 channel low-voltage differential signal (LVDS) outputs from the ADC
  • Compatible with the standard TI LVDS deserializer TSW1400EVM
  • Communicates with a personal computer (PC) through a USB interface
  • Configurable with RS-232 interface if users wish to control the AFE5805 with a microcontroller. MSP430 programming is required
  • Provides multiple power supplies for the AFE5805 and other devices
  • Onboard Vcntl generator R12 (0 V - 1.2 V)
  • Adapter Card included with EVM

Texas Instruments  AFE5801EVM

The AFE5801 includes an 8-channel Voltage-Controlled-Amplifier (VCA) with digital control and an 8-channel 65MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The 8 analog input signals will be processed by the analog front-end circuit of AFE5801; the outputs of the analog front-end will then be digitalized by the ADC within the device. In order to process the sample data the Texas Instruments' TSW1400EVM is recommended. The TSW1400EVM includes a High-Speed LVDS Deserializer, Demultiplexer, and Analysis System which provide a comprehensive set of hardware and user interface software to effectively evaluate the performance of AFE5801. The EVM kit includes the adapter card, User's Guide, software, and a USB cable. The TSW1400EVM evaluation board comes completely assembled.