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AFE5805EVM Evaluation Module



•Characterizes the AFE5805
•Supports CW functionalities test
•Provides 8 channel low-voltage differential signal (LVDS) outputs from the ADC
•Compatible with the standard TI LVDS deserializer TSW1400EVM
•Communicates with a personal computer (PC) through a USB interface
•Configurable with RS-232 interface if users wish to control the AFE5805 with a microcontroller. MSP430 programming is required
•Provides multiple power supplies for the AFE5805 and other devices
•Onboard Vcntl generator R12 (0 V - 1.2 V)
•Adapter Card included with EVM

Texas Instruments  AFE5805EVM

The AFE5805EVM provides a convenient platform to evaluate the AFE5805. The AFE5805 is a complete analog front-end device designed for ultrasound systems. It consists of eight-channels, including a low-noise amplifier (LNA), voltage controlled attenuator (VCA), programmable gain amplifier (PGA), low-pass filter (LPF), and a 12 bit, 50 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with LVDS data outputs. In the event the user does not already have a method to attach to and analyze the data from the LVDS data stream, a deserializer board is offered. This board, the TSW1400EVM, directly connects to the AFE5805EVM and provides the data in parallel form for all eight channels simultaneously. The EVM kit includes the adapter card, User's Guide, software, and a USB cable. The TSW1400EVM evaluation board comes completely assembled.