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AFE7225 Evaluation Module



  • Comprehensive test capability for the AFE7225 for ZIF, IF and RF transmit outputs
  • AFE7225 ZIF or IF ADC receive testing (optional TRF371125EVM can be purchased for RF-to-bits ZIF receiver)
  • Direct connection to TSW1400 pattern generator and capture card (or TSW1405, TSW1406)
  • Includes CDCE72010 for clock generation or jitter cleaning
  • Includes TRF370333 for complete transmitter evaluation
  • Software support with a full featured GUI for easy testing and prototyping
  • Optional FMC-DAC-Adapter and FMC-ADC-Adapter cards to connect with FMC interconnect headers on Xilinx FPGA EVMs
  • Direct connection to Altera FPGA EVMs for DAC transmit, and via optional HSMC-ADC-BRIDGE for ADC receive
  • LDO or DC/DC power supply options

Texas Instruments  AFE7225EVM

The AFE7225EVM is a circuit board that allows designers to evaluate the performance of Texas Instruments' two-channel AFE7225, a low power analog front end mixed-signal transceiver. The AFE7225 contains dual 12-bit 125MSPS ADCs and dual 12-bit 250MSPS DACs, along with 2x/4x interpolation, /2 decimation, independent 32-bit TX/RX complex mixers, quadrature modulation correction and auxiliary monitoring/control ADC/DACs.

The EVM provides a flexible environment to test the AFE7225 under a variety of clock, data input and IF or RF output conditions. For ease of use as a complete RF transmit solution the AFE7225EVM includes the CDCE72010 clock generator/jitter cleaner for clocking the AFE7225 as well as a TRF370333, a 350 MHz to 4 GHz quadrature modulator, for up converting I/Q outputs from the DAC to real signals at RF. The dual ADC in the AFE7225 is driven from transformer-coupled IF inputs for flexible receiver evaluation and measurements. The ADC input path can be configured for DC-coupled complex baseband inputs as well.

The EVM can be used along with the TSW1400 (or TSW1405, TSW1406) to perform transmit system prototyping along with the AFE7225 integrated dual DACs. The TSW1400 generates the test patterns which are fed to the AFE7225 through a serial LVDS port. The CDCE72010 clock chip can be used to synchronize the TSW1400 board to AFE7225EVM. The TSW1400 can be used to capture data from the AFE7225 integrated dual ADCs for FFT analysis.

The AFE7225EVM is also compatible with Xilinx and Altera FPGAs EVMs and design kits for rapid evaluation and prototyping. The AFE7225EVM includes an HSMC input for direct connection to HSMC compatible Altera FPGA EVMs for DAC input patterns, and the HSMC-ADC-BRIDGE can be ordered for ADC data capture using Altera FPGA EVMs. The FMC-DAC-ADAPTER and FMC-ADC-ADAPTER boards available from TI enable the connection of the AFE7225EVM to the FMC headers on Xilinx EVMs.