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Dual High-Current Amplifier Evaluation Module


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  • Test points for all power, input, and output
  • Footprints which allow the customer to populate their own components
  • Large footprints to allow for testing of heavy output loads
  • Zener diode configuration to allow bidirectional overtemperature flag (OTF) operation

Texas Instruments  ALM2402Q1EVM

This board is designed for customer evaluation of the ALM2402-Q1 device, specifically the ALM2402QDRRRQ1 orderable part number. The EVM is set up as a basic unity gain amplifier. There are many slots on the board where resistors are not populated; these allow the customer to add filters, custom feedback components, and custom loads. For each non-populated component, several sizes of footprints are available to give the customer maximum flexibility in testing the performance of the ALM2402Q1.