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AMC1100 Evaluation Module



  • 2mm, 2-terminal screw connectors to provide easy access to the analog inputs and outputs of the amplifier
  • ±250mV input range optimized for shunt resistor applications
  • Fully differential output with common mode voltage automatically adjusted to VDD2/2

Texas Instruments  AMC1100EVM

The AMC1100 is an isolated single-channel analog amplifier an output separated from the input circuitry by a silicon dioxide (SiO2) barrier that is highly resistant to magnetic interference. The AMC1100 is used in high-resolution measurement applications including current monitoring, industrial process control and motor positioning systems. The AMC1100EVM is a small form factor board containing all the necessary components to evaluate the AMC1100 device. The AMC1100EVM Users Guide contains a complete circuit schematic and describes the characteristics and use of the evaluation module. For complete details on the AMC1100, please refer to the AMC1100 product folder.