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AMC1210 motherboard evaluation module



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the AMC1210 quad digital filter for second-order delta-sigma modulators
  • Contains all support circuitry needed for the AMC1210
  • Onboard clocking for built-in ADS1205
  • Stellaris™ LM3S3748 ARM™ processor and parallel interface to AMC1210
  • JTAG header for reprogramming the LM3S3748 and experimentation
  • D-connectors for connecting ΔΣ modulator EVMs
  • Easy-to-use evaluation software for computers with Microsoft Windows™ XP operating systems
  • Data collection and register access to AMC1210
  • Open source firmware and software to customize evaluation

Texas Instruments  AMC1210MB-EVM

The AMC1210MB-EVM is a complete evaluation kit for the AMC1210 & ADS1205 in resolver applications and part of a modular evaluation system for evaluating TI delta-sigma modulators. The AMC1210MB-EVM software allows use of the AMC1210 in a variety of configurations for resolver and current shunt applications and features a data-export utility to support data analysis with external tools.