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AMC3330 precision reinforced isolated amplifier with integrated DC/DC converter evaluation module

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Limit:  3

Features for the AMC3330EVM

  • Integrated DC/DC converter for high-side power
  • Reinforced isolated amplifier: 7-kV peak, 10-kV surge
  • Fixed gain of 2
  • ±1-V input range

Description for the AMC3330EVM

The AMC3330 evaluation module (EVM) is an evaluation platform for the AMC3330 product, a precision isolated amplifier with an integrated DC/DC converter that powers the high side of the amplifier. AMC3330 is a 7-kV reinforced isolated amplifier designed for use in bipolar voltage-measuring applications.

A complete circuit description, as well as schematic diagram and bill of materials (BOM), are included in the user's guide.