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AMC6821 Evaluation Module

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Features for the AMC6821EVM

  • J4 on the EVM can be used to access the AMC6821 device through a custom built cable
  • The EVM includes three LED alarm indicators to visually show the user what external temperature conditions exist
  • Power resistor R25 is used to sense external remote temperature and control temperatue using an N-channel FET
  • Header J5 allows the use of 5 V or 12 V as well as 3 wire or 4 wire cooling fans

Description for the AMC6821EVM

The AMC6821EVM features the AMC6821 Analog Monitoring and Control Circuit device. The AMC6821EVM is a simple evaluation module designed to evaluate the functionality of the this AMC device. The AMC6821 supports the SMBus as its standard serial communication interface data rates of up to 100 kHz per second are possible. The EVM allows the user full control and monitoring of any cooling fans available in the market place when used with the LabView software evaluation tool.