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AMC7834 12-Bit Integrated Power-Amplifier Analog Monitor and Control (AMC) System Evaluation Module



  • 4 bipolar DACs (-4 to 1V, -5 to 0V, and 0 to 5V)
  • 4 unipolar DACs (0 to +5V, 2.5 to +7.5V)
  • 4 external analog inputs: 0 to +2.5V range
  • 4 high-side current sense amplifiers
  • 2 remote temperature diode drivers
  • Labview based PC evaluation software

Texas Instruments  AMC7834EVM

The AMC7834EVM (evaluation module) is an easy to use platform for evaluating the functionality and performance of the 12-bit AMC device.  The EVM features the AMC7834, a highly integrated, low-power, analog monitoring and control system that is capable of current, temperature and voltage supervision.  The AMC integrates a multi-channel ADC, DACs, and high-side current sense amplifiers supporting common mode voltages from +4V up to 60V.  The EVM is a complete evaluation kit that includes the SDM-USB-DIG and evaluation software that is compatible with Microsoft Windows™ XP and Windows™ 7 operating systems.