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TI Precision Amplifier Quickstart Kit



The kit includes:

  • Six samples: Three low-power, low-voltage amplifiers and three low-power, wide-supply amplifiers. See the table below for the complete list.
  • DIP Adapter Evaluation Module (DIP-ADAPTER-EVM) for prototyping surface-mount ICs. The EVM supports the following package types: D or U (SOIC-8), PW (TSSOP-8), DGK (MSOP-8), DBV (SOT23-6, SOT23-5 and SOT23-3), DCK (SC70-6 and SC70-5) and DRL (SOT563-6).


(max, mA)
Slew Rate
(max, mV)
Supply Range
(min to max, V)
Low-voltage OPA31x family: Best-in-class bandwidth-to-power ratio with microPower and RRIO
OPA3130.0610.52.5251.8 to 5.5
OPA3140.1931.52.5141.8 to 5.5
OPA3160.51062.5111.8 to 5.5
Wide-supply OPA17x family: microPackage, microPower and RRO
OPA1700.1451.20.41.8192.7 to 36
OPA1710.59531.51.8142.7 to 36
OPA1721.81010164.5 to 36

Texas Instruments  AMPQUICKKIT-EVM

The TI Precision Amplifier Quickstart Kit simplifies op amp selection, design, and evaluation with samples of six op amps and an evaluation module for prototyping surface-mount ICs. The kit is the perfect starting point for your amplifier designs.

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