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High-bandwidth low-IQ programmable shunt regulator (pin layout: KRA)

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Package | PIN: SOT-23 (DBZ) | 3
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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  • Reference voltage tolerance at 25°C
    • 0.5% (B Grade)
    • 1% (A Grade)
  • Minimum typical output voltage: 2.5 V
  • Adjustable output voltage: Vref to 36 V
  • Operation from −40°C to +125°C (Q temp)
  • Maximum temperature drift
    • 17 mV (I Temp)
    • 27 mV (QTemp)
  • 0.3-Ω Typical output impedance
  • Sink-current capability
    • Imin = 0.08 mA (max)
    • IKA = 15 mA(max)
  • Reference input current IREF: 0.4 µA (max)
  • Deviation of reference input current over temperature, II(dev): 0.3 µA (max)
  • Packages: 1-mm x 1-mm X2SON or SOT23-3

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Texas Instruments  ATL431LIBQDBZR

The ATL43xLI device is a three-terminal adjustable shunt regulator, with specifiedthermal stability over applicable automotive, commercial, and military temperature ranges. Theoutput voltage can be set to any value between Vref (approximately 2.5 V)and 36 V, with two external resistors. These devices have a typical output impedance of 0.3 Ω.Active output circuitry provides a very sharp turn-on characteristic, making these devicesexcellent replacements for Zener diodes in many applications, such as onboard regulation,adjustable power supplies, and switching power supplies. This device is a pin-to-pin alternative tothe TL431LI and TL432LI, with lower minimum operating current to help reduce system powerconsumption. The ATL432LI device has exactly the same functionality and electrical specificationsas the ATL431LI device, but has a different pinout for the DBZ package. The ATL431LI is alsooffered in a tiny X2SON (1.00 mm x 1.00 mm) package which makes it ideal for space constraintapplications.

The ATL431LI device is offered in two grades, with initial tolerances (at 25°C) of 0.5%,and 1%, for the B and A grade, respectively. In addition, low output drift versus temperatureensures good stability over the entire temperature range.

The ATL43xLIxQ devices are characterized for operation from –40°C to +125°C.