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AWR1243 76-to-81GHz high-performance automotive MMIC evaluation module



  • Onboard antenna to enable field testing
  • XDS110-based JTAG with serial port interface for flash programming
  • UART-to-USB interface for control, configuration, and data visualization
  • TI Launchpad interface to seamlessly connect to TI MCUs
  • Powers from a single 5-V supply

Texas Instruments  AWR1243BOOST

AWR1243BOOST is an easy-to-use evaluation board for the AWR1243 high-performance mmWave front end. The evaluation platform enables raw capture of ADC data from the front end for RF performance evaluation.

A 5-V 2.5-A supply brick with a 2.1-mm barrel plug (center positive) is not included. TI recommends purchasing an external power supply that complies with applicable regional safety standards.