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Infrared (IR) BoosterPack Plug-in Module

US ECCN: EAR99 US/Local Export Classification Number

Inventory: In stock
Limit:  10

Features for the BOOST-IR

  • IR LED transmitter
  • IR receiver + demodulator
  • 4x4 membrane keypad
  • 20-pin BoosterPack standard for use with any LaunchPad
  • Compatibility with different IR signal generation methods

Description for the BOOST-IR

The BOOST-IR BoosterPack™ Plug-in Module can be plugged into a LaunchPad™ Development Kit for simple integration of Infrared (IR) transceiver functionality. Users can start developing remote control applications with the on-board keypad, IR LED transmitter, and IR receiver + demodulator.

On-chip IR Modulation Logic is available on select MSP430FR4xx MCUs which can simplify Infrared modulation.

Explore IR communication using the MSP430FR4x and MSP430FR2x microcontrollers