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Audio Signal Processing BoosterPack Plug-In Module


  • High quality audio playback with onboard 14-bit DAC (can be bypassed if target MCU has an integrated DAC)
  • Automatic switching from onboard speakers and microphone to a headset with microphone
  • Onboard microphone supports sampling rates of up to 20kHz

Texas Instruments  BOOSTXL-AUDIO

When plugged into a LaunchPad™ Development Kit, the BOOSTXL-AUDIO Audio BoosterPack™ Plug-in Module adds audio input functionality from a microphone, as well as audio output through an on-board speaker. Headphone input and output is also supported, and automatically enabled when a plug is inserted into the BoosterPack. This audio input/output stream lets developers experiment with the digital signal processing (DSP) and filtering capabilities of the microcontroller found on the attached LaunchPad Development Kit.

There are various options – selectable by a jumper on the BoosterPack – for connecting the speaker to the processor on the Launchpad: (1) output audio data over SPI to the SPI DAC provided on the Audio BoosterPack; (2) directly connecting to the DAC on the LaunchPad MCU (if available) or (3) use the LaunchPad's PWM output together with a basic R/C filter on the BoosterPack, to create a simple, low-cost analog audio signal.