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C2000 LED BoosterPack



Hardware Features

Software Features

  • Closed loop DC/DC boost and LED driving control
  • LED RGB color mixing
  • PC-based GUI interface through USB COM port
  • Capacitive touch interface through 430BOOST-SENSE1 BoosterPack

Get Started

  • Follow the Quick Start Guide included in the kit
  • See the User Guide for additional information
  • Run the demo in controlSUITE
    • (\controlSUITE\development_kits\C2000_LaunchPad\f2802x_examples\LED_Boost_PC)
                or C2000Ware (\C2000Ware\device_support\f2802x\examples\drivers\LED_Boost_PC)

Texas Instruments  BOOSTXL-C2KLED

The C2000 LED BoosterPack demonstrates the control of 3 boost converters to drive 3 LED (Red, Green, and Blue) strings. The LED BoosterPack can be controlled through a PC-based application or optionally through capacitive touch. This kit is ideal for those wishing to learn about real time digital control techniques and LED lighting. The LED BoosterPack requires a LAUNCHXL-F28027 LaunchPad.