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DRV8323RH Three-Phase Smart Gate Driver With Buck, Shunt Amps (Hardware Interface) Evaluation Module



  • 6- to 54-V Operation
  • 15 A continuous / 20 A peak H-bridge output current15 A continuous / 20 A peak H-bridge output current
  • Three Integrated Current Shunt Amplifiers
  • Sensored or Sensorless BLDC Firmware Available

Texas Instruments  BOOSTXL-DRV8323RH

The BOOSTXL-DRV8323RH is a 15A, 3-phase brushless DC drive stage based on the DRV8323RH gate driver and CSD88599Q5DC NexFETTM power blocks.  The module has individual DC bus and phase voltage sense as well as individual low-side current shunt amplifiers, making this EVM ideal for sensorless BLDC algorithms.  The module supplies MCU 3.3V power with an integrated 0.6A step down buck regulator.  The drive stage is fully protected with short circuit, thermal, shoot-through, and under voltage protection and easily configurable via different hardware configuration pins.