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GPIO Breakout BoosterPack



  • 3.5-mm screw terminal for all unused I/O
  • 8 analog
  • 22 digital
  • 2 3.3-V terminals
  • 4 ground terminals
  • Analog channels equipped with unity-gain amplifiers
  • ESD protection on every I/O signal and power rail
  • 3-position user DIP switch
  • Plated through-holes on a 0.1-inch grid for each I/O signal
  • Six 0.125-diameter mounting holes
  • Dual HID gamepad demo

Texas Instruments  BOOSTXL-IOBKOUT

The GPIO Breakout BoosterPack is a low-cost IO breakout board for Tiva™ C Series LaunchPad BoosterPack XL pinout. Every available signal is connected to a 0.1-inch header position in addition to the majority being connected to 3.5-mm screw terminals for easy access when prototyping. Every digital signal is ESD protected and every analog signal is routed through a unity-gain amplifier to simplify development with a Tiva C Series Launchpad.