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PGA460-Q1 Ultrasonic Sensor Signal Conditioning EVM With Transducers



  • Compatible with ultrasonic transducers operating at a center frequency between 30-80kHz and 180-480kHz.
  • Able to generate maximum sound pressure level using either transformer driven and direct driven methods.
  • Access to all communication interfaces offered by the PGA460-Q1, including: USART, TCI, and One-Wire UART.
  • Swappable daughtercard allows custom driver-type and transducer combination pair to be evaulated.
  • Fully tested EVM includes GUI, quick start demo procedure, USB interface and firmware, and detailed user's guide.

Texas Instruments  BOOSTXL-PGA460

The PGA460-Q1 evaluation module (EVM) is a collective of the BOOSTXL-PGA460 and MSP-EXP430F5529LP, which enables users to fully evaluate the PGA460-Q1 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioner with an open-air transducer. Transducer compatibility is expanded to open- or closed-top transducers operating between 30-80kHz and 180-480kHz. Driver strength can be controlled by current limiting  the transformer or direct driver mode to generate the maximum sound pressure level during echo transmission. The receiver can be tuned to filter and process returned echo data for post-measurement analysis. The associated PGA460-Q1 EVM GUI can be used to customize, configure, and control the ultrasonic setup, and monitor the performance of the resulting ultrasonic activity.  The BOOSTXL-PGA460 includes one transformer driven closed-top transducer, and one direct driven open-top transducer for comparison.View the Ultrasonic Sensing with the PGA460-Q1 video training series to learn how to set up, configure and run the PGA460-Q1 evaluation module.