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TLV8544 Quad Nanopower Op amp PIR Motion Detector Demonstration Module



  • Nanopower op amp enables ultra-low-power system implementation
  • Single quad op amp encompasses entire PIR motion detection analog front end comprising amplifier stages and filtering, and window comparators, thereby enables simple & tiny solution for cost-optimized systems
  • GUI provides realtime, visual TLV8544 current consumption
  • High and low threshold indicators on board and in GUI provide instantaneous visual feedback

Texas Instruments  BOOSTXL-TLV8544PIR

The BOOSTXL-TLV8544PIR demonstration board is a BoosterPack intended to be used with the LAUNCHXL-CC2650 multi-frequency 2.4GHz wireless LaunchPad. The BOOSTXL-TLV8544PIR demonstrates the quad tiny, nanopower op amp (TLV8544) operating as an analog front end (AFE) in a PIR motion detection system. This demo could easily be used as the basis for an ultra-low power, battery operated, wireless PIR or microwave motion detection system.