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BQ2022A Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  BQ2022AEVM-001

The bq2022A is a 1 K-bit serial EPROM containing a factory-programmed, unique 48-bit identification number, 8-bit CRC generation, and an 8-bit family code. A 64-bit status register controls write protection and page redirection. The purpose of the evaluation software is to demonstrate the functionality of the bq2022A. The bq2022A evaluation board can be used for one or two ICs. The bq2022A is ideal for applications such as battery pack configuration parameters, record maintenance, asset tracking, product revision status, and access-code security. An EV2300 board is required to interface this EVM with the PC and can be purchased separately.

Kit Contains:

  1. bq2022A, HPA125 revision-B board