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BQ24072 USB Li-Ion Battery Charger and Power-Path Management Evaluation Module | Linear

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Limit:  3

Features for the BQ24072EVM

  • Input current limiting: 100 or 500 mA for USB, user-programmable for non-USB applications
  • Input voltage dynamic power management
  • 28V max Vin with OVP
  • Dynamic Power Management with integrated input and charge FETs
  • Voltage or current based thermister input options available

Description for the BQ24072EVM

This user’s guide describes the bq24072/3/4/5/9(T) and bq24230/2 (bqTiny-III™) evaluation module (EVM). The EVM provides a convenient method for evaluating the performance of a charge management and system power solution for portable applications using the bq24072/3/4/5/9(T) and bq24230/2 product families. A completely designed and tested module is presented. The charger is designed to deliver up to 1.5 A of continuous current to the system or charger for one-cell Li-ion or Li-polymer applications (see the data sheet for correct device) using a dc power supply. The charger is programmed from the factory to deliver 0.9 A of charging current. This EVM was designed as a stand-alone evaluation module, but it also can be interfaced with the system and host via the connectors and headers.