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BQ24115 Evaluation Module



  • Input voltage: 5V to 16V (factory default) or output voltage + 0.8V to 16V (based on adjustable output voltage)
  • Charge rate: 1.33A
  • Output regulation voltage: 4.2V (factory default), can be adjusted
  • Number of series cells: 1 (factory default), can be adjusted

Texas Instruments  BQ24115EVM

The Texas Instruments bq24115EVM is the evaluation module (EVM) for the bq24115 Li-Ion charge management IC. The bq24115 is a highly integrated battery charge IC utilizing synchronous switch mode power conversion for efficient and comprehensive charge control of a one, two, or three series cell Li-Ion battery. The EVM is a complete bq24115 based circuit and provides a convenient method to evaluate the operation and performance of the IC.

The EVM is set up at the factory to charge at 1.33A and a 4.2V (single cell) voltage limit. The output limits can be adjusted to charge a battery pack with more than one series cell by changing on-board resistors.

The EVM development tool includes a tested evalutation module; a user guide (SLUU200) that contains the schematic, bill of materials, component placement, layout and the setup of the EVM; and the bq24115 data sheet.

The only necessities to use the EVM are a power source (16V max) and the battery to be charged.