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Evaluation Module for BQ24212, 800mA, Single-Input, Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Solar Charger



  • 800-mA, single-input, single-cell Li-ion battery solar charger with Power Path
  • Resistor-programmable setting for charge current and input voltage dynamic power management
  • LED Indication for status
  • Test points for key signals available for testing purposes – easy probe hook-up
  • Jumpers available – easy to change setting

Texas Instruments  BQ24212EVM-678

The BQ24212EVM-678 assists users in evaluating the bq24210/2 solar charger. The printed-circuit board for the EVM islabeled HPA678. The manual includes the bq24210/2EVM bill of materials, board layout, and schematic. The bq24210/2 series of devices are highly integrated Li-ion linear chargers devices targeted at space-limited portable applications. The high input voltage range with input overvoltage protection supports low-cost unregulated adapters. The input voltage regulation loop with programmable inputvoltage regulation threshold make it suitable for charging from alternative power sources, such as solar panel or inductive charging pad. The integrated circuit (IC) has a single power output that charges the battery. A system load can be placed in parallel with the battery as long as the average system load does not keep the battery from charging fully during the 10-hour safety timer. The bq24210 has an EN pinwhereas the bq24212 has a MODE pin. See the data sheet for an explanation of the differences between the two pins.