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BQ24251EVM-150 Single Input I2C/Standalone Switch-Mode Li-Ion Battery Charger Evaluation Module



  • High-efficiency switch-mode charger
  • Synchronous fixed-frequency PWM controller operating at 3MHz for small inductor support
  • USB charging compliant
  • Integrated 50mA LDO
  • Integrated power FETs for up to 2.0A charging rate
  • Complete system level protection
  • BC1.2 D+/D- detection with dead battery provision (DBP) pin to sync with external USB-PHI
  • Open drain status outputs
  • Power path management for the bq24250/1

Texas Instruments  BQ24251EVM-150

This EVM enables test and evaluation of the Texas Instruments' bq24251 device. The bq2425x series are highly integrated single cell Li-Ion battery chargers targeted for space-limited, portable applications with high capacity batteries. The single cell charger has a single input that operates from either a USB port or AC wall adapter for a versatile solution. BC1.2 compliant D+/D detection allows for recognition of CDP, DCP, SDP, and non-standard USB adapters. The use of an accessory dead battery provision (DBP) pin allows for the system to sync a dead battery state in order to enable/disable the BC1.2 detection in the case of an external USB-PHI. The user's guide includes EVM specifications, the schematic diagram, bill of materials, and board layout.