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I2C Controlled 3A Single Cell USB NVDC-1 Charger with Adjustable Voltage USB OTG Evaluation Module



  • Up to 5.5A fast charge rate
  • Single Input USB-compliant charger
  • Instant-on works with no battery or deeply discharged battery
  • Narrow system bus voltage power path management
  • I2C port for optimal system performance and status information
  • 1.5MHz switching frequency
  • Program input current limit
  • Battery supplements system when adapter is fully-loaded
  • Automatically power up and start charging without HOST present

Texas Instruments  BQ24297EVM-021

I2C Controlled 4.5A Single Cell Charger with Narrow VDC Power Path Management; Default Setting (BATREG = 4.208, ICHG = 2A, VINDPM = 4.36V) and USB OTG

The BQ24297EVM-021 requires USB Interface Adaptive Evaluation Module “USB-TO-GPIO” for I2C interface. If one is not already available to you and I2C is needed then one can be ordered through the eStore. Buy Now USB Interface Adapter EVM