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BQ24314A Li+ Charger Front End Protection IC Evaluation Module



  • Evaluation module for bq2430x, bq2431x, and bq2438x DSG
  • Evaluation module for bq24080 charger integrated circuit (IC)
  • Evaluation module for bq2430x/1x/8x and bq24080 chipset solution
  • Input operating range for bq2430x/1x/8x 4.5V - 26V
  • Input operating range for bq24080 4.5V - 6.5V
  • Input overvoltage protection
  • Input overcurrent protection
  • Battery overvoltage protection
  • Input reverse voltage protection for bq2430x
  • LED indication for status signals
  • Test points for key signals available for testing purpose. Easy probe hook-up.
  • Jumpers available. Easy to change connections.

Texas Instruments  BQ24314AEVM

The bq2430x/1x/8x evaluation module is a complete charger module for evaluating a charger front-end protection and charger solution using the bq2430x/1x/8x and bq24080 devices. It is designed to deliver up to 200 mA (bq2430x) or 700 mA (bq2431x/8x) of charge current to Li-ion or Li-polymer applications. The charger front-end protection current is designed to 300 mA (bq2430x) or 1000 mA (bq2431x) or no limit(bq2438x). The bq2430x/1x8x protects the charging system against three types of failures: input overvoltage when the AC adapter fails to regulate its voltage; load overcurrent when failures such as a short-circuit occurs inthe charging system; and battery overcharge.In addition, bq2430x provide a PFET gate drive signal to an external PFET for input reverse-polarity protection.