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Evaluation Module for BQ24620 Multi Cell Synchronous Switch-Mode Charger



  • Evaluation Module for bq24600/bq24620/bq24640
  • High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Charger
  • User-programmable up to 26V Battery Voltage
  • AC Adapter Operating Range 5V to 28V
  • LED Indication for Control and Status Signals
  • Test Points for Key Signals Available for Testing Purpose. Easy Probe Hook-up.
  • Jumpers Available. Easy to Change Connections

Texas Instruments  BQ24620EVM

Evaluation Module for bq24600/bq24620/bq24640. the bq24600 is a highly integrated Li-ion or Li-polymer switch-mode battery charge controller. The bq24620 is highly integrated switch-mode battery charge controller designed specifically to charge Lithium Phosphate battery chemistries. The bq24640 is highly integrated super capacitor switch-mode charge controller. The devices offer a constant-frequency synchronous PWM controller with high accuracy charge current and voltage regulation, adapter current regulation, termination, charge preconditioning, and charge status monitoring, The bq24600/bq24620 charges the battery in three phases: preconditioning, constant current, and constant voltage. Charge is terminated when the current reaches a minimum user-selectable level. A programmable charge timer provides a safety backup for charge termination.The bq24600/bq24620 automatically restarts the charge cycle if the battery voltage falls below an internal threshold, and enters a low-quiescent current sleep mode when the input voltage falls below the battery voltage.