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BQ24650 Evaluation Module Synchronous, Switch-Mode, Battery Charge Controller for Solar Power



  • Synchronous switch-mode battery charge controller for solar power
  • Resistor-programmable up to 26-V battery voltage
  • Input operating range: 5V to 28V
  • LED indication for charge status
  • Test points for key signals available for testing purposes; easy probe hook-up.
  • Jumpers available; easy-to-change setting

Texas Instruments  BQ24650EVM-639

The BQ24650EVM Evaluation Module assists users in evaluating the bq24650 synchronous battery charger. The bq24650 is a highly integrated switch-mode battery charge controller. It provides input voltage regulation, which reduces charge current when input voltage falls below a programmed level. When the input is powered by a solar panel, the input regulation loop maintains the panel at maximum power output. The BQ24650EVM is also called the HPA639 A. The manual includes the bq24650EVM bill of materials, board layout, and schematic. The user's guide SLUU444 describes the features and operation of the bq24650EVM.