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BQ24715EVM-115 Evaluation Module



  • 2-3S SMBus host-controlled NVDC-1 charge controller with 6-24V input range
  • Support CPU turbo mode operation. Battery supplements system when adapter is fully-loaded
  • 600kHz, 800kHz and 1MHz programmable switching frequency
  • Ultra fast input current DPM within 100μs
  • Ultra low quiescent current and PFM at light load to improve light load efficiency
  • SMBUS clock up to 400kHz (I2C friendly)
  • Programmable input current limit, charge voltage, charge current and min system voltage
  • Support battery LEARN function
  • Support hardware pin (CELL-GND pulse) LEARN mode exit.
    • High Integration
    • NMOS ACFET and Reverse Blocking FET Driver
    • PMOS battery FET Driver
    • Bootstrap Diode (SYNFET)
    • Internal Loop Compensation
    • Internal Soft Start

Texas Instruments  BQ24715EVM-115

SMBus Controlled NVDC-1 Charge Controller with N-CH MOSFET Selector and Current Monitoring; 2-3 Cells