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NVDC Battery Charge Controller with SMBus Evaluation Module



  • Host-controlled NVDC-1 1S-4S Battery Charge controller : bq24770 SMBus; bq24773 I2C
  • Provide test point for /PROCHOT, IADP, IBAT, PMON, ILIM, REGN, ACOK, ACDET and switching node
  • Programmable Input Current Limit, Charge Voltage, Charge Current and Minimum System

Texas Instruments  BQ24770EVM-540

The bq2477x evaluation module (EVM) is an SMBus controlled NVDC-1 charge controller with N-CH MOSFET Selector and Current Monitoring. The input voltage range, for the buck converter, is between 6 and 24 V, with a programmable output of 1–4 cells (bq2477x) and a charge output current range of 128 mA to 8.128 A. This EVM doesn’t include the EV2400 interface device; this will have to be ordered separately to evaluate the bq2477x EVM.