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BQ25015 Evaluation Module for Single-Chip Charger and DC/DC Converter IC for Portable Applications



  • Programmable charge current up to 1000 mA for bq25015/17
  • Charges from both USB and ac adapter sources
  • Supports single chemistry applications
  • The output voltage of an integrated 1 MHz synchronized buck converter is either adjustable from 0.7 V to VBAT (bq25010/15), and is capable of delivering up to 300 mA (bq25015/17) of load current
  • Power-good LED indication
  • Status outputs (LED indication available): precharge, fast charge, charge done, timer fault and sleep mode
  • TTL-level controls: charge enable, converter enable and forced PWM

Texas Instruments  BQ25015EVM

The bq25015EVM is a complete charger module for evaluating a single-chip charge solution using the bq25010/11/12/15/17 devices. It is designed to deliver up to 500 mA (bq25010/11/12) or 1000 mA (bq25015/17) of charge current to Li-Ion or Li-Pol applications.

The bq25010/11/12 has a highly integrated battery charge controller designed to work with external host commands. The charge current and other system parameters are programmable. An integrated synchronous buck converter (except the output inductor and capacitor) is incorporated in this chip as the supply from battery to system. For details, see the bq25010, bq25011, bq25012 Single-Chip Charger and DC/DC Converter IC for Bluetooth Headsets and Other Portable Applications data sheet (SLUS615) and bq25015, bq25017 Single-Chip Charger and DC/DC Converter IC for Portable Applications data sheet (SLUS721).