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Evaluation Module for BQ25070 1A, Single cell, Linear Charger for LiFePO4 Applications



Texas Instruments  BQ25070EVM-740

This user’s guide describes the bq25070EVM-740 evaluation module (EVM), how to perform a stand-alone evaluation or interface with a host or system. The converter is designed to deliver up to 1 A of continuous current to the battery and/or system. The device has a 4.9 VDC, 50 mA max internal LDO that can be used for USB applications or any other need. The bq25070 is a highly integrated LiFePO4 linear battery charger targeted at space-limited portable applications. It operates from either a USB port or AC Adapter and charges a single-cell LiFePO4 battery with up to 1 A of charge current. The 30 V maximum input voltage rating with 10.5 V input overvoltage protections supports low-cost unregulated adapters.