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BQ25600 Single Cell 3-A I2C Battery Charger Evaluation Module with NVDC Power Path Management



  • High efficiency 1.5MHz synchronous switchmode buck charger
  • Supports USB on-the-go
  • High battery discharge efficiency with 18mΩ
  • High integration includes all MOSFETs, current sensing and loop compensation
  • In small 2.0mm x 2.4mm WCSP package

Texas Instruments  BQ25600EVM-771

The bq25600 evaluation module (EVM) is a complete charger module for evaluating an I2C-controlled single cell battery charger using the bq25600 device in WCSP. The user's guide provides detailed testing instructions for the bq25600 evaluation modules. Also included are descriptions of the necessary equipment, equipment setup, and procedures.