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8A Switched Cap Battery Charger with Integrated Protection

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Package | PIN: DSBGA (YFF) | 56
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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100-249 $4.18
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  • 97% Efficient Power Stage for 8-A Fast Charge
  • Switched Cap Architecture Optimized for 50% Duty Cycle
    • Input Voltage is 2x Battery Voltage (3.5 V to 4.65 V)
    • Output Current is 2x of Input Current (up to
      4.5 A)
    • Reduces Power Loss Across the Cable
  • Integrated Programmable Protection Features for Safe Operation
    • Input Over-Voltage Protection (BUS_OVP)
    • InputOver-Current Protection (BUS_OCP) with Adjustable Alarm
    • Input Over-Voltage withExternal OVP FET (VAC_OVP up to 17 V, bq25970 only)
    • Battery Over-VoltageProtection (BAT_OVP) with Adjustable Alarm
    • Output Over-Voltage(VOUT_OVP)
    • Input Over-Current Protection (BUS_OCP) with AdjustableAlarm
    • IBAT Over-Current Protection (BAT_OCP) with AdjustableAlarm
    • Battery Temperature Monitoring
    • Connector TemperatureMonitoring
  • Programmable Settings for System Optimization
    • Optional VBATREG and IBATREG Regulation for System Load and Wall AdapterTransients (bq25970 only with External OVP FET)
    • STAT, FLAG, and MASK optionsfor Interrupts
    • ADC Readings andConfiguration
  • Integrated 12-Bit Effective Analog-to Digital Converter (ADC)
    • ±0.5% BUS Voltage
    • ±0.5% VOUT Voltage
    • –0.4% to 0.2% BATVoltage with Differential Sensing
    • ±1.5% BAT Current at 6 A with ExternalRSENSE
    • ±1% BATTemperature
    • ±1% BUS Temperature
    • ±4°C DieTemperature

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Texas Instruments  BQ25970YFFT

The bq2597x is a 97% efficient, 8-A battery charging solution using a switched caparchitecture. This architecture and the integrated FETs are optimized to enable a 50% duty cycle,allowing the cable current to be half the current delivered to the battery, reducing the lossesover the charging cable as well as limiting the temperature rise in the application.

The dual-phase architecture reduces the input cap requirements as well as reducing theoutput voltage ripple. When used with a standard charger such as the bq2589x, the system enablesthe fastest charging at the lowest power loss from pre-charge through CC, CV, andtermination.

The device integrates all the necessary protection features to ensure safe charging,including input over-voltage and over-current protection, output over-voltage and over-currentprotection, temperature sensing for the battery and cable, and monitoring the dietemperature.

The device includes a 12-bit effective analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to provide busvoltage, bus current, output voltage, battery voltage, battery current, bus temperature, battemperature, die temperature, and other calculated measurements needed to manage the charging ofthe battery from the smart wall adapter or power bank.