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Single-Cell Battery Fuel Gauge



  • Complete evaluation system for the bq27x10 battery gas gauge
  • Populated circuit module for quick setup
  • Software allows EEPROM programming and data logging for system analysis

Texas Instruments  BQ27010EVM

The BQ27010EVM is a complete evaluation system for the bq27x10 single-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer battery gas gauge device. The BQ27010EVM includes one BQ27010EVM circuit module. The circuit module includes one bq27x10, a current sense resistor, and all other components on board necessary to calculate remaining battery capacity and predict system run-time to empty. The circuit module connects directly across the cell in a battery.

An EV2300 board is required to interface this EVM with the PC and can be purchased separately.


Kit Contains:

  1. BQ27010EVM circuit module with sense resistor
  2. Set of support documentation