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BQ27220 Evaluation Module for System-Side CEDV Fuel Gauge



  • External sense and temperature sensor
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Low power mode for active fuel gauging
  • Small solution size is ideal for space-constrained applications
  • CEDV+, Fixed profiles

Texas Instruments  BQ27220EVM-744

The BQ27220EVM-744 evaluation module is a complete evaluation system for the bq27220. The EVM includes one bq27220 circuit module with an external sense resistor. A separated orderable EV2400 PC interface board for gas gauge interface along with a PC USB cable, and Windows™-based PC software is needed when using this EVM. With the EV2400 interface board and software, the user can: (1)Read the bq27220 data registers. (2)Program the chipset for different configurations. (3)Log cycling data for further evaluation. (4)Evaluate the overall functionality of the bq27220 solution under different charge and discharge conditions. The latest Windows™ – based PC software can be downloaded from the product folder on the Texas Instruments Web site.