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Pack-Side Impedance Track™ Fuel (Gas) Gauge Evaluation Module




  • Populated circuit module for quick setup and evaluation.
  • Downloadable software that can be used for data logging and analysis.

Texas Instruments  BQ27411EVM-G1A

The BQ27411EVM-G1A evaluation module is a complete evaluation system for the bq27411-G1A. The EVM includes one bq27411-G1A circuit module with an external current-sense resistor.  The bq27411-G1A should be used with batteries that have a 4.35V charge voltage. 

With the EV2400 interface board and software, the user can:

(1) Read the bq27411-G1A data registers.

(2) Program the chipset for different configurations.

(3) Log cycling data for further evaluation.

(4) Evaluate the overall functionality of the bq27411-G1A solution under different charge and discharge conditions.

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