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Battery Management Unit Impedance Track Fuel (Gas) Gauge Charger Controller Evaluation Module



  • IN input operating range of 4.2 V – 10 V
  • USB input operating range of 4.2 V – 6 V
  • LED indication for status signals
  • Test points for key signals available for testing purposes.

Texas Instruments  BQ27531EVM

Battery Management UnitImpedance Track™ Fuel (Gas) Gauge and bq24192 4.5-A,Switch-Mode Battery Charger for Single-Cell Applications

The bq27531 evaluation module (EVM) has a bq27531-G1 gas gauge that directly communicates with bq24192 single-cell, Li-Ion battery charger via I2C. This complete battery charging solution does not require a micro-controller or processor to facilitate communication between the charger and gauge. The pre-programmed gauge controls the charging profile based on data from the battery. The EVM facilitates evaluation of this optimized, stand-alone charging solution.