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BQ27545EVM Single Cell, Pack Side, Impedance Track Fuel Gauge Evaluation Module



  1. Battery Fuel Gauge for 1-Series (1sXp) Li-Ion Applications up to 32Ahr capacity
  2. Microcontroller Peripheral Provides:
    1. Accurate Battery Fuel Gauging supports up to 32Ahr
    2. Internal or External Temperature Sensor for Battery Temperature Reporting
    3. SHA-1/HMAC Authentication
    4. Lifetime Data Logging
    5. 64 Bytes of Non-Volatile Scratch Pad FLASH
  3. Battery Fuel Gauging Based on Patented Impedance Track Technology
    1. Models Battery Discharge Curve for Accurate Time-To-Empty Predictions
    2. Automatically Adjusts for Battery Aging, Battery Self-Discharge, and Temperature/Rate Inefficiencies
    3. Low-Value Sense Resistor (5mΩ to 20mΩ)
  4. Advanced Fuel Gauging Features
    1. Internal Short Detection
    2. Tab Disconnection Detection
  5. In a 15-Pin NanoFree™ (CSP) Packaging

Texas Instruments  BQ27545EVM

The BQ27545EVM along with bqEVSW provides the customer tools for developing battery fuel gauging modules for a pack-side fuel gauge solution. Customers are able to configure BQ27545EVM so that it can provide accurate battery fuel gauging information. BQ27545EVM gives the customer information such as battery voltage, temperature measurement, Remaining State of Charge and Run Time to Empty through its RAM registers. The BQ27545EVM allows the customer to evaluate the BQ27545 IC according to its datasheet.