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BQ27741EVM Pack-Side Impedance Track Fuel (Gas) Gauge Integrated Protector Evaluation Module



  • Complete evaluation system for the bq27741 gas gauge with Impedance Track™ Technology
  • Populated circuit module for quick setup
  • Downloadable software for testing and system analysis
  • Allows evaluation of all bq27741 integrated protector and gas gauging features

Texas Instruments  BQ27741EVM

The BQ27741EVM along with GaugeStudio software provide the customer with tools for developing a battery fuel gauge module for placement inside a lithium-based battery pack. Customers are able to configure the BQ27741EVM so that it can provide accurate battery fuel gauging information. The integrated protection functionality can also be evaluated with this EVM. BQ27741EVM gives the customer information such as battery voltage, temperature measurement, and Remaining State of Charge through its RAM registers. The BQ27741EVM allows the customer to evaluate the BQ27741 IC according to datasheet.