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Gauge Development Kit (GDK)


  • Complete evaluation system for connected fuel gauge with clean and easy setup.
  • Integrated EV2400 for PC interface and downloadable software that can be used for data logging and analysis.
  • Automated Learning Cycles
  • Programmable on-board load and charger
  • Automated cycling with customizable profiles.
  • Programmable load capable of constant current, constant power and pulsed load discharges.

Texas Instruments  BQ27GDK000EVM

The Gauge Development Kit (GDK) is a complete evaluation system for any single-cell fuel gauge developed by Texas Instruments Incorporated.  The GDK is a single printed circuit board (PCB) equipped with a programmable load, programmable charger, an optional on-board fuel gauge and an integrated EV2400 for PC interaction via Battery Management Studio.  A USB PC cable, 6 V 2.5 A DC Jack (or equivalent power supply connection) and the latest version of Battery Management Studio is needed when using the GDK. 

Once the GDK is connected to a PC via USB cable, Battery Management Studio will allow the user to do the following:

  1. Read the connected fuel gauge data registers.
  2. Configure the connected fuel gauge.
  3. Discharge and/or charge the connected battery.
  4. Log cycling data for evaluation and performance. 
  5. Automate learning cycles. 
  6. Evaluate the overall functionality of the connected fuel gauge under different charge and discharge conditions. The latest Windows™ – based PC software can be downloaded from the product folder on the Texas Instruments Web site.