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Evaluation Module for BQ28550, Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Gas Gauge and Protection



  • Complete evaluation system for the bq28550 battery management IC
  • Populated circuit module for quick setup
  • Software that allows data logging for system analysis

Texas Instruments  BQ28550EVM-001

The bq28550EVM-001 evaluation module (EVM) is a complete evaluation system for the bq28550 battery management solution. The EVM includes one bq28550 circuit module, a current sense resistor, and one thermistor. An EV2400 PC interface board is required to interface to the gas gauge, and a PC USB cable is required for communication with a PC. Both can be ordered online at http://power.ti.com. Windows™-based PC software is available online as well. The circuit module includes one bq28550 IC,and all other onboard components necessary to monitor and predict capacity, monitor critical parameters,and protect the cell from overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, and overcurrent in single-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer battery packs. With the EV2400 interface board and software, the user can read the bq28550 data registers, program the chipset for different configurations, log cycling data for further evaluation, and evaluate the overall functionality of the bq28550 solution under different charge and discharge conditions.