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bq77905 3- to 5-Series Advanced Stackable Low-Power Battery Protector Evaluation Module



  • bq7790500PW configuration for protection thresholds and delays
  • Terminal blocks allow easy connection for easy prototyping
  • Allows for stacking EVMs
  • Onboard charge (CHG) and discharge (DSG) FETs
  • Jumpers (Shunts) allowing for easy temperature charge simulation (hot or cold)

Texas Instruments  BQ77905EVM-707

The bq77905EVM-707 is an evaluation board for the bq77905, low power battery protector IC.  The bq77905 IC supports 3-5S battery cell configurations and can be stacked to support comfortably a full stack of 20 series cells. In addition, the bq77905 implements a suite of voltage, current and temperature protections that are factory programmable, on the EVM itself you will find the default configuration (bq7790500) meant to evaluate the performance of the board. Moreover, the bq77905 features separate over- and under-temperature thresholds for discharge (OTD, UTD) and charge (OTC, UTC) which add a level of flexibility. The EVM includes a thermistor and shunts to allow easy simulation of over and under temperature conditons.  The bq77905 pack protection is achieved via direct and independent CHG/DSG low-side NMOS FET drivers, the EVM includes FETs to demonstrate current control.  The bq7790500 configuration that is populated on the board is located in the datasheet where you can use as a reference, for any custom configurations please contact your TI sales associate for details.