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bq77915 3-Series to 5-Series Stackable Ultra-Low-Power Primary Protector Evaluation Module



  • 3-series to 5-series lithium-ion protector with full suite of V/I/T protection functions
  • Low power consumption (8 µA typ in normal mode, 2 µA typ in hibernate mode)
  • Autonomous smart cell balancing
  • FETs to demonstrate current control
  • Tested circuit design includes demo and Getting Started guide

Texas Instruments  BQ77915EVM-014

The BQ77915EVM-014 evaluation module (EVM) is a complete evaluation system for the bq77915 3-series to 5-series low-power protector for lithium-ion cells. The EVM includes one bq77915 and FETs to control current in a configuration typical for switching current in a lithium-ion battery pack. The circuit module includes one bq77915 integrated circuit (IC), a sense resistor, a thermistor, two FETs, and all other onboard components necessary to switch charge and discharge current.

The circuit module connects between a battery source and a pack load. In addition to the current and voltage applied to the module, the user can remove onboard jumpers to simulate overtemperature or undertemperature conditions to observe FET control under different charge and discharge conditions. Balancing of unmatched cells can also be performed on the module.