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MSP430 CapTIvate MCU Programmer



  • Programmer board compatible with CapTIvate MCU boards
  • EnergyTrace Technology to measure power consumption with Code Composer Studio
  • CapTIvate programming header for interfacing with CapTIvate MCU boards
  • USB HID-Bridge communications interface allows easy debug data transfer between the target and a PC over UART or I2C

Texas Instruments  CAPTIVATE-PGMR

The MSP430 CapTIvate MCU Programmer is available standalone or as part of the MSP CapTIvate™ MCU Development Kit, a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform to evaluate MSP430FR2633 microcontroller with capacitive touch technology.  The programmer/debugger board can be used with the BOOSTXL-CAPKEYPAD BoosterPack™ module and the CAPTIVATE-METAL capacitiive touch through metal add-on board.  The programmer features EnergyTrace™ technology to measure energy consumption with the Code Composer Studio™ IDE.  MSP MCUs with CapTIvate technology are the industry’s lowest power capacitive touch MCUs with 10 V rms noise immunity and support for dirt-proof, glove-friendly designs.