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CC1101-CC1190 915 MHz Evaluation Module Kit



The Evaluation Module Kit includes:

2 x CC1101-CC1190EM 915 MHz evaluation modules
2 x Whip antennas

These modules can be used together with a SmartRF04 Evaluation Board and the SmartRF Studio PC tool. Use it to:

- Evaluate the performance of the combination of CC1101 and CC1190
- Perform RF testing
- Prototyping

Texas Instruments  CC1101CC1190EMK915

The CC1101 is a highly integrated and flexible RF transceiver. The CC1101 is primarily designed for use in low-power applications in the 315, 433, 868 and 915 MHz ISM bands. The CC1190 is a range extender for 850-950 MHz RF transceivers, transmitters, and System-on-Chip devices from Texas Instruments. It increases the link budget by providing a power amplifier (PA) for increased output power, and a low-noise amplifier (LNA) with low noise figure for improved receiver sensitivity in addition to switches and RF matching for simple design of high performance wireless systems. The output power can be increased to around +26 dBm in the 915 MHz band, and sensitivity will be improved by up to 6 dB compared with the CC1101 stand alone evaluation module.

The CC1101CC1190EMK915 consists of two CC1101-CC1190 Evaluation Modules operating at 915 MHz. The modules demonstrate the recommended way to making a design that integrates the two devices.